why photography is good for me

My passion for photography has waned and intensified over the years. You know what it’s like, you get married, have kids, buy a house, get divorced and married again, more kids, it goes on. As you can imagine, life gets complicated and the not so important become less important and some of the things that make you happy you have to sacrifice for the greater good. Thankfully I’m at a point where I am settled and enjoying life and over the last couple of years photography has again become a big part of it. In fact if I’m honest I would probably say it’s becoming more of an obsession.

I can remember many many years ago when I was a child being given a camera. I think it was an aunt who gave it to me but nevertheless it subconsciously led me to my first step into photography. I can’t remember the exact make and model of the camera but I recall it looking something like this.

A similar camera i had given to me when i was a child

As I grew older and I’m ashamed to say more naughtier and misguided, between being a complete nuisance I recall picking up a number of cheap cameras and disposables when my mood took me and I have memories of taking photos of the local beach or mountain where i lived in a wet and windy Port Talbot. Strangely, for reasons unknown i cannot find any of the photos i took when i was younger so wouldn’t know if I did have a creative eye but what I do remember is that when having a camera in my hand it relieved some of the frustrations and emotions i had to deal with growing up and for the hour or two I assumed I spent with it I was a completely different person. If i think about it, my life is the same today (but not so naughty or misguided I’m pleased to say) having a camera in my hand is the most rewarding and therapeutic way to unwind and relax. I can’t say that I’m any better taking photos today than i was when is was 12, but I can say that for the number of hours I’m out on photo shoots I’m calm, relaxed and in my own kingdom where I’m in control.

I’m no expert in psychology, but I honestly beleive that if you are someone who is caught up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life and needs some escapism. Perhaps getting a camera (doesn’t have to be expensive) and looking at the world in a different perspective  while taking the time to compose and appreciate the subject, landscape, sky or whatever takes your fancy at that time, you will fell better for it.

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